What we leave behind


The abandoned market is a community of empty buildings: Paint-peeling, boarded up and decaying. Their cracked exteriors stand defiantly against the ravages of time.

The insides are gutted. Unstable floors hold onto what’s been left behind by the ghosts that passed through in earlier, happier years. They grip tight with tenacious hooks and refuse to let go.

Reverberating among the hollowed out shells of a petting zoo, photo booth and market stalls, are the echoes of children laughing and people haggling over the price of eggs. Their presence casts shadows, chilling those that visit this lonely space.

While some turn away from this place in fear, for others it is a haven. It is where the lost souls seek shelter and where the wild things gather.


The shedding

Tearing off the layers of yesteryears, she drops her clothing into a crumpled pile, the fabric barely discernible from the mildewed leaves.

She steps out from the dark shelter of the trees and into a moonlit patch. Looking around herself at this unfamiliar and new environment, she throws back her head and lets out a howl. It’s a challenge to the unknown world around her, a call to those who might understand, a wail for those left behind and at last, a siren to bring her back home to herself.

She is unfettered. She is wild. She is free.